America's favorite bath-time buddy!

Mr. Bubble

Get to know Mr. Bubble,
America’s favorite bath-time buddy!

I was born in 1961 as a boxed powered bubble bath.

I hit the big 5-0 in 2011! That makes me how old today? Don’t tell me. I’ll always be young at heart.

My personal motto? There’s no such thing as too many bubbles!

Favorite activities: bubble blowing, bubble making, bubble chasing, bubble sharing. Oh, and of course bath times!

People always ask me what I like to do outside the tub. My answer: I bring the tub outside! Especially with my Mr. Bubble bubble bath and foam soap.

I’m one talkative bubble, and I want to share more with you! Find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we’ll be the bubbliest of buddies.