America's favorite bath-time buddy!

Mr. Bubble Get His Own Fragrance

May 13, 2015

For more than 50 years, Mr. Bubble has been America’s favorite bath-time buddy. When asking the legions of Mr. Bubble’s fans what they love about their favorite bubble bath, many of them say, “The smell!”

Now the scent of Mr. Bubble Original Bubble Bath can be enjoyed outside the tub with a new cologne inspired by the familiar scent. Released by Demeter, a fragrance company that creates everyday perfumes and colognes, Mr. Bubble’s signature fruity scent, with notes of coconut, banana and peach, has been modernized with the addition of jasmine, rose and vanilla.The refreshing spin on the beloved scent will provide a nostalgic journey for Mr. Bubble fans, even the fashionistas at Lucky agree.

To purchase the fragrance, click here.


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